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Public Relations Your face in print, Not behind bars

Your company's stock does well, that's news you want to see in the papers. Your CEO was pulled over in a car and caught doing things with a monkey not allowed in your state, that's news you don't want to see in the paper, or on television. We can help you get press, and we can help you manage the press. Call it spin control or crisis communications; whatever you want to call it we can handle it.

Popping the Public Relations Myth: All PR is good PR

You've heard that one before; any press is good press even if it's bad press. Let's set the record straight. It's not true. Just ask Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, James McGreevey, Jeffrey Skilling, and any one of the dozens of politicians, celebrities, or other high profile business leaders who have been embroiled in some scandal or misstep. Sure, everyone wants to see themselves in the news, but never with serial numbers running across your chest. Bad news is simply that, bad news; it can ruin an image, just ask Mel Gibson, tarnish a reputation, ask Jesse Jackson or Michael Jackson, and can cause a stock to crash, ask Martha Stewart. Bad press can more than just cripple a company, ask Tylenol after its first "bad product scare." It can even crash a company, remember Enron? Don't' believe us, if not just ask one of the 100,000 former employees of Arthur Anderson they'll tell you how important the notions of public relations, reputation and image really are.

Public Relations - Its all about the media

You want to see your name, your face or your company's name on television, read it in the newspaper or hear it on radio. We can do that. We have generated tens of millions of dollars in exposure for our clients, both nationally and internationally. We are expert at creating the concept, finding the angle and positioning a "pitch" to generate the most attention resulting in exceptional exposure.

Dollar for Dollar, Successful Public Relations generates the greatest ROI

Masterfully crafted news release, artfully blending your "news" with the appropriate "pinch" of promotional punch is a style and technique guaranteed to capture the attention of print or electronic media editors. Nowhere can an individual or corporate entity garner more cost-effective "exposure" than with a successful public relations campaign. Or, perhaps a press conference is the right approach for the right news and the immediacy of a particular news/media situation. We can do that for you too. We understand how the media thinks, what they are looking for, and how they communicate their messages, we have the experience and expertise to stage your press conference or prepare your press release to put your story in the right light, ready for media consumption.

Crisis Communications

When you have a situation that is about to get out of control, that is precisely the time to take control. Maybe you have an in-house public relations department maybe you don't, maybe you have a spokesperson, maybe you don't. Either way, your organization must be prepared with a measured and managed response to any crisis that may crop up, from the CEO driving into the drink after having a drink, or a product malfunction with potentially serious consumer ramifications, your company's actions and reactions to potential news situations can be better controlled and handled with expert public relations management; we can help. It's what we do. So, don't get caught with your pants down, even if you're in the bathroom, you never know who's in the next stall.


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