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Strategic Alliances New Revenue, No Expense

Developing new and/or additional revenue streams is always a good thing, especially if it doesn't cost you one cent. A Strategic Alliance can pay huge dividends on virtually a zero investment, particularly if you do not provide a service that is complementary to your current service offering. Using your existing customer base you are in an excellent position to leverage these relationships into meeting a wider range of client needs while simultaneously generating additional income through a professional referral arrangement.

The Bamboo Agency Interface Model

The breadth of the work provided by The Bamboo Agency as well as its creative achievements offers clients a wide range of interface opportunities. For example, clients hire us directly but our creativity, fresh perspective, marketing ingenuity and public relations savvy is also sought by "others" in the industry. Imagine us as the "shrink's shrink." Even those who help others sometimes need "help" themselves. That's The Bamboo Agency and that's where integrity and discretion fall into place. We can become, your "vendor" your "sub contractor." We are your outsource resource, our relationship is seamless to your client.


What can a Strategic Alliance do for an Advertising Agency

A new set of eyes, a new set of ears, and a new set of ideas is often necessary on a project. Whether it's staff cutbacks, staff layoffs or brainstorm burnout, we can tickle a new round of creativity to keep your ideas fresh and exciting. We are an excellent outsource resource and are hired by advertising agencies to assist in brainstorming, copywriting and much more. You are the client. We become your "in house" consultant and offer a seamless integration in working with you and your client.

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What can a Strategic Alliance do for a Web Design Company and/or Developer

You have the design, graphic, coding and programming skills to produce a web site. While you may have the technical expertise to produce the site, you may not have the in-house, on-staff writing talent to provide the "added value" service necessary to produce the "copy." Or, perhaps the "copy" you receive from the client requires editing, polishing or even significant rewriting. The Bamboo Agency can be your "copy writing" resource. This allows you to offer a wider scope of service, ultimately making you more valuable to your client.

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What can a Strategic Alliance do for a Public Relations Company

The synergies between your company, a public relations firm, and The Bamboo Agency is ideal to foster a strategic alliance in the arena of corporate and/or television commercial production. The Bamboo Agency can specifically help you by becoming your vendor with whom you contract film and video production work. Companies large and small require video production for myriad reasons, live-event production, even streaming video for their website. We work with you and through you to produce their material and it's a win-win for all.

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What can a Strategic Alliance do for a Film and Video Production Company

If you are a film and video production company, or you are the in-house staff for an organization that requires film and video expertise, we can work with you in various ways to help you execute your project(s). Whether you require a thirty-second TV commercial, a thirty-minute infomercial, a direct response TV ad, or a sales and marketing video we have the talent, skills and expertise to assist in every phase of your production. We can write the script and walk away. We can write the script and let you and your entity produce it. We can write the script and produce it through to completion. We can do as much, or as little as you would like. We work for you, YOU are OUR client.

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