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Contact: Jeff Mustard / Producer
Phone: 954/801-8263 / email:

The Great South Florida Music Talent Search
Chili Pepper & Mustard Man Productions
$50,000 Music Video Giveaway
In Association with Canvas Films & Cineworks Presents

"Beauty and the Beats"
Hawaiian Tropic / Battle of the Bands Competition

Starting Friday, July 27th, 9:00, The Chili Pepper
200 W. Broward Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
Phone: 954 / 767-0834 / email:

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl... What does it take to be a rock star? It helps to have talent, it doesn’t hurt to have original music and maybe the single most important ingredient to get noticed, a professionally produced, killer music video, which is almost impossible to get, unless you’re already signed to a label.

Starting Friday, July 27th at 9:00 PM aspiring rock stars can vie for the grandest of all Grand Prizes in The Chili Pepper Nightclub's most exciting talent search ever —A Battle of the Bands Competition where the winners walk away with a music video that will be produced by Mustard Man Productions, Canvas Films and Cineworks.

"We feel this is the strongest package any club can offer to aspiring music artists," says Heather Gilchrist, marketing Director of The Chili Pepper. "In addition to the general consumer exposure bands will receive as part of the contest," says Gilchrist, "in today’s world, the real payoff is in the video, it’s what the artists can use to really promote themselves and get noticed."

Video Production Partners
The Chili Pepper has partnered with Mustard Man Productions, an award-winning, South Florida-based film and video production company, that will produce the video with Canvas Films, a production partner and Cineworks, South Florida’s newest and most exciting film lab and post production facility. "The tie-in with The Chili Pepper and the association with my film production partners allows us to not only find excellent undiscovered talent, but also hopefully have a direct hand in helping to launch a band’s career," says veteran writer/producer/director, Jeff Mustard, the former high-profile president of the South Florida Screenwriters Guild. Mustard says, "it’s exciting stuff."

The Public is Invited
Each Friday night, starting July 27th, through Friday, August 17th, (dates: Fri, July 27th; Fri, Aug 3rd; Fri, Aug 10th; Fri, Aug 17th) four "unsigned, undiscovered" bands with original music will hit the stage at The Chili Pepper and rock as hard as possible. A panel of judges from the media and music industries will determine the winner of each Friday night gig. Each week's winner will then play in one Grand Finale slammin' band showdown on Friday, August 24th.

Winner Opens for Headliner
The winner of the Band Showdown on Friday, August 24th, will them perform as the "opening act" for a headliner act, as of yet unnamed, to play at The Chili Pepper that night. Mustard Man Productions and Canvas Films will shoot the winning group that night, some of the footage of which may be used in the finished video. "We want this to be a huge, fun gig," says Mustard, "we hope to get as much of a big, exciting crowd as possible to participate in the video and get great cutaways for the finished product."

According to Mustard, there will be multiple other shooting days required to produce the video. "We won’t be able to determine exactly what the shoot is until we see the winners," says cinematographer, Philip Reush, Mustard's production partner and a principal in Canvas Films. "Once we see the band, understand their personalities and have a feeling for the song and the vibe, then we'll begin to establish an overall look, feel and visual style for the ultimate finished product," says Reusch.

As part of the winning package, the group will get 20 hours of studio rehearsal time at Mercury Studios, and 10 hours of studio recording time at Ten K Productions. Mustard and his production partners will shoot the artists recording their music video track.

"Besides this being one very cool Battle of the Bands gig," says Gilchrist, "every Friday night will be a blast and filled with entertainment." Hawaiian Tropic, a sponsor of the event, is having a competition that will take place between band sets. When the bands switch setups, Zeta 94.9's radio host, Toast will emcee a competition for a bevy of beautiful babes who will compete for a single spot in Hawaiian’s Tropic's national competition.

To Enter the Competition
Aspiring groups can send compact disc, audio tape and/or video cassette of original music for consideration as part of the competition to: "Battle of the Bands" c/o The Chili Pepper, 200 W. Broward Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301 (No phone calls please); all submitted materials can not and will not be returned. Bands and performers can learn more about the event as well as fill out an initial application by logging on to the producer’s website—

For more information contact:
Jeff Mustard/Producer—Mustard Man Productions—954/801-8263 / email:
Chili Pepper: Heather Gilchrist/Marketing Director—954/767-0834 / email: